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Wellness in Diani Beach

A good meal with a friend is like a SPA for your mind, a massage is food for the soul, and being active keeps you happy and fit. So why not to try out something new? Give yourself a little new adventure.

Cockatil at Diani Beach
Lunch or dinner at Diani Beach
Wellness massage in Diani Beach

Food and drinks

Diani is prepared to welcome and spoil you with its array of restaurants providing delicious meals, and bars offering refreshing cocktails and fresh juices.  A list of restaurants and bars in the area is available in every cottage for your perusal.   

Sport & Fun

Sports and fun activities will spice your holiday up with extra adventure and joy. Be it just a banana-boat ride or snorkelling, diving or beach volleyball. Kiting, surfing, snorkel excursions, jet-ski, tennis, horse riding…just to name a few, will make your holiday an unforgettable time. The Indian Ocean will always be right next to you and the sunny, warm weather is mostly guaranteed. Diani has it all and we will be happy to assist with bookings.


For body and soul, you can book different treatments in one of the exclusive SPAs in Diani, such as facial manicure, pedicure, waxing or just a relaxing massage. Allow yourself some „Me Time“ and enjoy the large selection of treatments.

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