A Safari may be a once in a lifetime experience. Where else would a lion roaring at night send shivers down your spine? Listen to your inner adventurer and take the chance to enjoy the taste of wilderness and freedom whilst on Safari!

The 24 National Parks, Reserves and Conservancies in Kenya are well known for their large numbers of animals and diversity of landscape. The choice of where to go may be overwhelming. The National Parks listed hereafter are just a selection of the most famous ones. The sample tours displayed hereafter provide different options. Don’t miss out on a fascinating and memorable tour. We are happy to assist finding the perfect tour for you!


The incomparable wildlife, fascinating landscapes and professionalism of our Safari partners guarantee an adventure, unlike any other. Let your spirit unwind and become captivated gazing at elephants, lions, zebras, antelopes, gazelles, hippos and with a bit of luck also leopards and many other animals living in the beautiful wildlife parks of Kenya. After sunset when the nocturnal animals start their search for prey, the sound of silence will give you the feeling of being at one with nature whilst you enjoy an aperitif in the bush.

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